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At Brands of Scandinavia a/s, we are dedicated to a consumer-driven approach as much as we are devoted to the fashion we love to develop and produce.

We monitor and analyze the value chain at every step of the process and promote a collaborative working relationship. 

The combination of strong collections, affordable prices, and support from the head office on every step, is a strategy that adds value in every step no matter if you are a franchised store, a shop-in-shop, one of our thousand retailers or webshops.

We provide:

  • Long term collections, as well as express collections relevant to the market

  • Consistent store design, including fixtures and furniture for strong brand presence, in both franchise stores and shop-in-shop solutions

  • Marketing materials, image bank

  • B2B

  • B2A




  • 6 collections + In-season collections

  • Exciting full range collection with new products every week.

  • High mark-ups - High gross margin.

  • Access to our B2B portal.

  • Advertising material and image bank. 

  • A partner who understands and prioritizes retail.

  • NOOS program.

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