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Our CSR approach

At Brands of Scandinavia, we work seriously and ambitiously with CSR being fully aware of our responsibility as an actor in the fashion arena.


We set the bar high as we proceed to follow the difficult yet right path. At times, we are met with challenges that are greater than first expected. However, we are always ready to adapt through the testing of new, innovative solutions, technologies and materials to keep us in the right direction.





From early Spring 2020, we deliver a line of responsible clothes. 

With this collection, FREEQUENT takes a step towards a more sustainable future. It is our ambition to continuously expand our selection of responsible fabrics. Please be aware that every garment in this responsible collection is marked with a special hangtag.

We want to steadily increase the share of responsible materials in our collections. Our goal is to reach a share of 30% in 2023 and 50% in 2026.


It is important to us that you know what we mean when we categorize some of our materials and products ‘responsible’.

Learn more about the responsible materials below.

Careful Environmental 



Environmental issues are crucial for any company and therefore FREEQUENT makes a virtue of maintaining high consumer safety.


We do our utmost to prevent both people and the environment from being exposed to any harmful chemicals. A close dialogue, our long term relations with our suppliers and ongoing inspection of our goods helps us ensure a high level of safety.

However, if we experience any kind of questionable products the production will immediately stop, while the circumstances are being investigated. Despite the great efforts, there are unfortunately no 100 % guarantees.


Our customers are our most valuable asset and we believe that keeping strict control of our production and acting fast and efficient when any challenges occur is the best way to maintain a loyal
customer base.

Pampas Grass

We proudly support various local activities

Aabenraa Crisis Center for

Abused Women

Brands of Scandinavia a/s has chosen to support to Aabenraa Crisis Center for abused women. The Center’s purpose is to help women and their children, who have suffered mental and physical violence or threats, and find themselves in an acute crisis situation.


“En stor tak for alt det dejligt tøj vi har modtaget. Hold da op hvor har vi haft en fest. Vi havde netop en beboer der slet ikke havde noget og som heller aldrig har måttet købe noget.

Hun er blevet så flot. Hun har aldrig følt sig så fin som nu. Håber jeg kan give jer lidt af den glædelige oplevelse som vi oplever hver gang vi modtager tøj fra jer.”


Tove Lagoni, Tidligere Leder, Aabenraa Krisecenter


“Vi vil også gerne sige tusind tak for den økonomiske støtte og de fine julegaver, som I er så venlige at sende i vores retning. Det betyder, at både kvinder og børn får en bedre jul og at vi kan tage dem med på udflugter i løbet af året, og det er guld værd for alle.”


Hanne Frederiksen, Leder, Aabenraa Krisecenter 

“A big thank you for all the lovely clothes we received. Wow, we have had a party! Especially one resident who had nothing at all and who was never allowed to buy anything.

She looks so beautiful in her new clothes - she has never felt so nice looking as now. I hope by sharing this with you, I give you just a little bit of the joyful feeling that we experience every time we receive clothes from you.”

Tove Lagoni, Tidligere Leder, Aabenraa Krisecenter


“We would also like to thank you very much for the financial support and the nice Christmas presents that you are so kind to send in our direction. This means that both women and children are having a more joyful Christmas and that we can take them on excursions during the year, and it is worth its weight in gold for everyone. ”

Hanne Frederiksen, Leder, Aabenraa Krisecenter 




We support Koldinghus through its Business Club.

The purpose of the Koldinghus Foundation is to develop it into a local, regional and national cultural center with an international aim of supporting and promoting the activities at the Museum at Koldinghus, for example through

  • Increasing and improving the museum’s permanent collections

  • Establishment of a center for local history 

  • Building adaptations and redecorations of the museum’s premises

  • Support for the museum’s development in general, first and foremost the museum’s dissemination and exhibition activities.

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