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Our CSR approach

Our Code of Conduct includes strict requirements and standards, from child labour to production safety that our suppliers must follow. Therefore, we have entered partnerships with third-party auditors who carry out checks based on the standards communicated in our Code of Conduct. If our standards are breached, we put our cooperation on hold until it can be documented that the conditions have been rectified.


CSR is a complex matter, but we strive to make our communication, regarding new initiatives and developments in the area, as uncomplicated as possible. We have an honest approach and will communicate about the things that are going well and the areas that have proved more difficult than first anticipated. We have a positive approach. Each initiative is a step in the right direction and adds energy and motivation to do even better.

The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development


In our CSR initiatives, we focus on the following Sustainable Development Goals: 5. Gender Equality, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth, 12. Responsible Consumption and Production, and 13. Climate Action.

5. Gender Equality

At Brands of Scandinavia, we focus on gender equality. It is important to us that all genders have equal opportunities and work under the same terms and conditions. In our industry there are many women, and 2/3 of our skilled employees identify as women. Our business model is built around selling products for women. Therefore, it is natural for us to direct our focus on women's conditions, internally as well as in the factories and in our production chain.


In our offices, we have created conditions that ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to pursue ambitions and develop skills. Last but not least, through our products we want to support the empowerment of women, women's positive self-image, and their right to be themselves.


Initiatives in Denmark

We want to help women who have faced hardship in life. That is why we support the Støt Brysterne organisation in the fight against breast cancer, as well as various women's crisis centres in Denmark. In addition, we sponsor Olympic athlete Mathilde U. Kramer in an under-financed sport to support her professional ambitions.

We sponsor and support:

  • Støt Brysterne

  • Crisis centres in Denmark

  • Danish Olympic Athlete, Mathilde U. Kramer



Supplier initiatives


We advocate that both men and women have the same rights and opportunities. Therefore, we are currently looking for a non-profit organisation that we can collaborate with, in one or more of our production countries, on this very topic.




We support Koldinghus through its Business Club.

The purpose of the Koldinghus Foundation is to develop it into a local, regional and national cultural center with an international aim of supporting and promoting the activities at the Museum at Koldinghus, for example through

  • Increasing and improving the museum’s permanent collections

  • Establishment of a center for local history 

  • Building adaptations and redecorations of the museum’s premises

  • Support for the museum’s development in general, first and foremost the museum’s dissemination and exhibition activities.

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