Careful Environmental 


Environmental issues are crucial for any company and therefore FREEQUENT makes a virtue of maintaining high consumer safety.


We do our utmost to prevent both people and the environment from being exposed to any harmful chemicals. A close dialogue, our long term relations with our suppliers and ongoing inspection of our goods helps us ensure a high level of safety.

However, if we experience any kind of questionable products the production will immediately stop, while the circumstances are being investigated. Despite the great efforts, there are unfortunately no 100 % guarantees.


Our customers are our most valuable asset and we believe that keeping strict control of our production and acting fast and efficient when any challenges occur is the best way to maintain a loyal customer base.



From early Spring 2020, we deliver a line of sustainable clothes. 

With this collection, FREEQUENT takes a step towards a more sustainable future. It is our ambition to continuously expand our selection of sustainable fabrics. Please be aware that every garment in this sustainable collection is marked with a special hangtag.





·  Sustainable ecovero fibers

·  Always controlled and certified sources

·  Only renewable wood sources

·  Up to 50% lower emissions & water impact  than generic viscose 


Organic Cotton cares for the environment, the workers and the wildlife by being produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. 

This means that organic cotton is not made with the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. 

The textile has not been treated with any chemicals like washes, bleaches, colors or scents.



·  Recycled from old garments and waste cuttings.

·  Reducing CO2 emission and resource consumption

·  Reduce water consumption

·  100% Traceable



Made from sustainable coconut



The fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. As a naturally derived fiber, Tencel® is also biodegradable.

Brands of Scandinavia a/s has chosen to support to Aabenraa Crisis Center for abused women. The Center’s purpose is to help women and their children, who have suffered mental and physical violence or threats, and find themselves in an acute crisis situation.



We proudly support various local activities


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